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Our Services

Car Rentals

Looking for a car rental deal? Cheap car hire made easy, we offer the most competitive rates and the highest quality of rental services. We have all purpose vehicles for our customers. “You’re spoilt for choice” is our guarantee statement.

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Shuttle Services

We offer fast, convenient, and affordable, luxury shuttles throughout the region. Our round trips are the best way to travel between the airport and your hotel

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Travel & Tours

'Building memories through' travel' - Travel is not about you being in an aeroplane, bus or a vehicle but it’s all about the memories shared and brought back with you. Experiencing new destinations, visiting families, meeting new people and getting back together with existing friends and families is what LINDEZI does.

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Chauffer Driven Rentals

Travel in style with a chauffeur driven car in and around Zimbabwe. There are options to suit all budgets and needs. Sit back and relax in comfort as you'll be driven to your destination anytime of the day.

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Airport Transfers

Book a smooth airport transfer experience, getting you to and from worldwide airports and holiday resorts at a great price and hassle-free, with Holiday extras.

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Airport Ticketing

Ready to Travel? Here at Lindezi we’ve got great flight deals for you!

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